The end of the “White Picket Fence”

If we look back at the history of man, it seems we are moving towards the completion of the circle. Where we once lived in a habitat created out of necessity, we are returning to this more natural way of existence due to a heightened focus on a better quality of life.

With the implementation of concepts such as co-housing, mixed-use buildings and modern urbanism with sustainable green environments it seems we are moving back to our roots.

Where once the focus was on isolated living, the “white picket fence” concept, we are moving away from the idea of the suburban sprawl and focusing on being more economically resilient, healthier and more environmentally sustainable.

This is not to say we are downgrading how we are living. Modern innovation plays a big part in being able to make this change. Building materials that can be recycled or can contribute to a more sustainable way of life are becoming the norm rather than an added extra. Glass and aluminium form part of these materials.

The biggest change we find with regards to this new way of thinking is the fact that we need to become part of the concept of village living again. This is where materials such as glass, not only offers a physical advantage, but also a mental one.

Similarities to previous concepts of village living include communal recreation and work space. But merely creating these spaces cannot guarantee their use. People use spaces they feel comfortable in, that they can identify as personal. Creating this type of public space calls for city planners to connect to the humanity of the inhabitants of a city.

Glass has the unique characteristic of becoming a divider without losing transparency and light. Where in previous ages private space was severely cut off from public space, now windows and doors with large glass panels offer people private space without isolating them from the outside world. Advances in glass technology enable architects to plan larger glass areas without higher heat loss and environmental impact.

So are you ready to join the new village?


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