National Building Regulations

Did you know that there are several different types of glass combinations that we use in residential home installations? According to the building regulations of The South African Glass and Glazing Association (SAGGA) the size, use and height from the ground all play a role when glazing.

Sadly, not all installers are accredited installers and this can cause BIG problems when a glazing certificate is required after installation. Only an accredited installer can issue a glazing certificate and may only do so if they did the glazing themselves. No installer is allowed to issue a certificate on someone else’s site. So how do you safe guard against non-accredited installers? SAGGA has a list of all accredited installers and you can contact them to make sure your installer is registered! Simply phone them on +27 (0) 11 805 5002 and they will assist you.

Now with regards to the various types of glass used in residential home glazing, not all glass is instantly available. The easiest glass to install is “normal” float glass. It could be an obscure bathroom glass or a 3mm or 4mm thick annealed glass.

The problem comes when the window size is larger or closer to the ground or for instance somewhere there is a potential risk of someone falling through the glass (like a staircase). In these instances, you need safety glass. Safety glass encompasses both PVB laminated glass as well as heat toughened glass. Both are strong and much safer to use than normal float glass.

PVB generally comes in 6.38mm or 8.38mm and is also used for commercial shopfronts (really large windows and doors). Heat toughened glass is most used in areas where temperatures fluctuate or where there may be water splash back (strongest type of glass).

The biggest difference from a time perspective is the lead time on the manufacture. Safety glass is custom cut, meaning there is always a waiting period. With PVB, depending on the size it may be between an hour to one or two days. Heat toughened glass takes much longer. Taking into account how busy our suppliers are a normal waiting period from between 7 to 12 workdays can be expected. This is very important to keep in mind when placing an order.

Contact us at Glass Rite for expert advice regarding your installation requirements. We are registered with AAAMSA and SAGGA and we are proud members of the Master Builders Association North.


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