Green is a colour we love

At Glass Rite we are proud of the two core materials used in our daily production of quality glass and aluminium windows and doors. Aluminium has a very colourful history, having been used in various industries through most of the 1900’s. Often referred to as the “miracle metal” it is: easily formed; non-toxic; highly conductive; light weight; corrosion resistant; highly reflective; durable and recyclable.

Although initial extraction of aluminium requires high levels of energy, because it is recyclable it is seen as a truly “green” product. In North America, the aluminium industry will soon reach a point where it returns more energy than it consumes!

Not only aesthetically pleasing, but also strong and durable aluminium has become the backbone of the building industry worldwide.

Where aluminium can be seen as a modern miracle, glass has been in use for many centuries. From the 16th century “conciatore” – specialists in alchemy who formulated glass from raw materials, through to new double glazing and glass panels capable of storing solar energy, glass is an amazingly versatile material and we love it. With the addition of film to reduce the shading coefficient of glass, energy consumption of modern buildings can be lowered significantly. So even with the argument that the coatings and film make modern glass less easy to recycle, it can still be stated that modern glass is also a “green” product. With an increased life-cycle, glass contributes to modern buildings’ lower carbon foot print over its lifespan.

Using these two amazing materials Glass Rite will continue to do our bit in preserving our planet!


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