Glass Sliding door maintenance

Two of the main indications that you require maintenance on a sliding door can be that there is a gap between the glass and the frame or that you struggle to move the door on the track. Other signs can include trapped moisture on the glass panes, damage to the frame or obviously if the glass has cracked. Any damage to your sliding door will decrease your home’s security and increase the money spend on controlling the interior temperature.

Current building standards require all sliding door glass to be safety glass. This means that depending on the panel size the glass will either be 6.38 PVB or 8.38 PVB.

PVB is a glass with two panels of Float Glass joined by a clear layer of safety laminate. Even though the two panels are standard Float Glass, if it breaks, it stays together. This makes this glass safer and stronger than normal Float Glass.

Combining PVB glass with an aluminium frame ensures a lighter unit, putting less strain on the track and the wheels. This in turn ensures less regular repairs are needed. One important point is to always ensure the track is clear of any obstructions that could cause damage.

We at Glass Rite get regular repair request after our clients have had a visit from their garden services. Even though it may seems silly, if it is possible to check for small pebbles or rocks before garden services do come, it could save you the costs of a repair! If it does happen that you require a repair, we are here for you.


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