Menlyn Maine – Phase 3

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Glass Rite is proud to once again join forces with WBHO on construction at Menlyn Maine for the Triology phase

The Menlyn Maine Central Square, where Glass Rite was previously subcontracted, was completed in 2016 and boasts a seven storey office block, a large retail section with all the major anchor tenants including Pick & Pay; SPAR and Virgin Active Classic as well as a five storey hotel.

The project is squarely based on the new urbanism principles with a key focus on mixed use buildings but this is only part of the final objective which ultimately will culminate in South Africa’s first Green City. Development started in 2006 and construction of the first phase of the residential component “Triology” will be completed in 2019. Menlyn Maine can pride itself on being the first Green City in South Africa and focuses on the development of sustainable Green buildings. This is achieved through optimizing energy and water consumption, transport and waste management.

With the extreme changes in the environment ranging from depleted land resources; overpopulation; alarming increases in energy consumption and transportation requirements, the cities of the future need to adapt rapidly

With this in mind the iconic building of the modern city - the Skyscraper – is evolving and changing too.  This is evident in how Menlyn Maine incorporates commercial office space; retail, dinning and shopping space; recreational space; residential and parkland space.

Mixed-use buildings aim to improve not only the living

standards of the occupants, but also the impact the building has on the environment.

This can be broken up into two separate components. Embodied energy refers to the construction of a building and the energy used to do so. Operational energy deals with the energy consumption after occupation.  This is where Glass Rite can once again prove the worth of glass as a building material, perhaps with a higher embodied energy required for manufacture, but with a significant reduction in the operational energy required during the life-cycle of a building.

The first phase of Triology will consist of a range of studio apartments through to penthouses all requiring glass and aluminium sliding doors, facades and windows which will be installed by Glass Rite.

The Crealco Palace sliding door range is a range of top performing sliding doors and the perfect choice where wide open spaces are required. These doors can provide an opening up to three meters high, creating stunning borderless panoramic views. This also has a direct effect on the amount of natural light entering the building. The Palace range also has an option of double glazing, ensuring these doors will play a pivotal role in the regulating the climate of the interior.

Glass Rite is thrilled to once again be a part of the cutting edge construction in this historic city!


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