Another great relationship built for Glass Rite.

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

Glass Rite has announced ISEO as it’s new preferred supplier for locking and automated systems of our custom build glass and aluminium doors.

As explained in their mission statement ISEO is passionately committed to the design, manufacture and supply of quality locking systems for doors, integrating safety with user friendly systems, compliance with all technical specifications and standards defined by specifiers and installers. ISEO provides their distribution network with all the technical and commercial support needed.

The company was founded in 1969 by Guiseppe Facchinetti and started manufacturing locks, cylinders and padlocks in the village of Pisogne on the shores of Lake Iseo in Italy. The company remains faithful to the extraordinary spirit of its founder, always aiming to deliver continues improvement and performance.

Thanks to the responsible involvement of all employees, ISEO has obtained important certifications which prove the presence of an integrated management system guaranteeing the quality of the products and services, the safety of the workers and a respect for the environment.

ISEO is currently readily available throughout South Africa with a sustainable production schedule offering high quality products at affordable prices and a guaranteed 10 warranty.

Glass Rite is looking forward to a successful, prosperous relationship with ISEO for many years to come.


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